News, Announcements & Events

May 10-12th BEST IN THE WEST – Yakima WA

May 25-27th Memorial Day TournamentIssaquah and Auburn Gyms, WA

JUNE – Reserved for Playing with High School Teams

July 10-14th MSNM TOURNAMENT - Seattle WA

July 23-29th LAS VEGAS CLASSIC - Las Vegas NV


April 13-14 Oregon District Qualifier – Springfield ORCHAMPIONS! Winning all our games by 25+ our girls made quite the impression on Oregon.  Our goal was qualify for AAU Nationals and we did, I am so proud of this group of girls!

March 15-17th Steve Talbot Tournament – We worked hard this weekend, going 3-4, blowing out all our opponents and taking a loss to NW Blazers (a select team from Spokane).  We learned alot, played well as a team and will be prepared for the Blazers next time we see them.

February 16-18th Eagle Eye Tournament – 3rd PLACE!! The girls went 3 for 4 this weekend losing to Skyline who is becoming our team to beat this season :)  But they finished strong beating a much bigger Eastside GCE team finishing in 3rd place.

Jan. 18-20th Chelsey Ebert Tournament – 2nd PLACE!!! Chelsey Ebert is a tournament favorite for this team.  Being put in the toughest division, facing the tournament winner Skyline twice, giving them 2 very hard fought games, the girls fell a few points short of the championship.  It was a great tournament and 2nd place is fantastic!  The girls will have another shot at Skyline next month, stay tuned…

Dec. 15 – 16th Holiday Hoopfest Tournament - CHAMPIONS!!!!  What an amazing weekend, playing 3 brand new teams, working hard and coming out on top.  The 8th grade girls have come in to a league of their own, people stopping me left and right wanting to know who we  are and where we came from :)  Playing each game with poise, I couldn’t be more proud of this group of girls, they have made a name for themselves and we will continue to work hard and keep winning CHAMPIONSHIPS :)  Great job this weekend ladies!

Dec. 1-2ndWWU Tournament - CHAMPIONS!!!! After our 6th grade girls won the championship at WWU it was now the 8th grade girls turn to bring home some hardware and bring it home they did beating Lynden by 20 points.  Going undefeated with wins of 20+ points, the girls proved that they are a force in Whatcom County.

Sept. 16 – Nov. 4th Skagit HS League – LEAGUE CHAMPS!!!  Our girls proved their strength going undefeated in the Skagit High School league. Great job HoopStar 8th!

Oct. 27-28th Let it Rain - Our girls went 2-2 this weekend at a very tough Invite only Tournament down in Monroe.  We played hard, learned alot and will be ready come winter to play these teams again. Great job ladies!

8th Grade GIRLS Roster 2012-2013

# Name Height Hometown
3 Emma Bocci 5’2 Lynden, WA
22 Darrien Camarillo 5’3 Ferndale, WA
16 Adrianna Powell 5’4 Lynden, WA
9 Emmalee Bailey 5’5 Lynden, WA
15 Maryn Budiman 5’6 Surrey BC
10 Kennedy Fulcher 5’10 White Rock BC
32 Kiana Gray 5’9 Blaine, WA
14 Ryley Zapien 5’6 Everson, WA
8 Delaney Watson 5’6 Bow, WA
30 Elisa Kooiman 5’9 Lynden, WA