Basketball is a game of habits.  And while there are plenty of basketball programs that offer “skill development” for your athlete, we at HoopStar Basketball want to do more that simply put a band-aid on your game.  Instead, we offer individual and group training that focuses on building the habits every player needs in order to stand out and look special.  We are not about the flashy moves that are used once a game.  We bring significant change to your game.  We focus on revolutionizing one skill set at a time.  Our training builds habits through powerful and consistent repetition.

group POD training

We train athletes in technique, in the reads they make and in translating it all into a real game.  Training sessions are lead by a HoopStar coach and each session will include personalized workouts that are designed to build great habits that will lead to impactful improvement.

Group training sessions are offered for specific skill levels (each session is 1 hour long but can be specialized for the wants of the group).

A POD is a group of 4-10 like minded athletes that sign up for either a 4/6/8 week course going on a two to three times a week.

*Payment is due at the start of the training session

individual training

HoopStar trainers specialize in individual training for athletes who would benefit from specialized feedback. Training is for 1 to 3 athletes at a time and can focus on any range of individual skills from shooting, ball handling, post work, moves off the catch, defense and rebounding.

See pricing below and email to get started.

group training costs

POD Training-

4 Athletes $35 per session

5 Athletes $30 per session

6 or more $25 per session

Single Session Drop in fee – $45

individual training costs

Made by appointment only – Please email or call Kyle at 360-224-1577 or

1 on 1 – $125.00  *(discount if you buy in bulk)

The Athlete will get a wealth of knowledge with leading edge techniques and concepts with the WHY behind the How of doing it.  Bring a notebook and pen for note taking and workouts that will be written down with key focuses.

Individual Training is offered throughout the week, please email