Starting this year each athlete will have their own website! On this site will be a picture, Athletic Information, stats if we have them, personal information paragraph and a way to DONATE/SPONSOR our athletes at HoopStar. These websites will grow with our athletes throughout their HoopStar career so donators can follow along in their successes.

Athlete Bio Webpages can be sent out to friends/family and ask their support in not only our athletes athletic future, but in their academics as well. 100% of donations/sponsorships made in an individuals name will be applied directly to their HoopStar Invoice.

When donations are made, athletes will be informed immediately of the donation and thank you’s will be sent out.

This program is designed to get the athletes involved in their future. Be proactive, letting the world know who they are, what their goals are short term and long, and ask support from friends and family to get them there.

If you don’t have a specific athlete in mind and you would like to sponsor anonymously we will choose an athlete for you and send you their information so you can follow their progress through HoopStar.

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